COMITRONIC-BTI is refreshing his food friendly Buttons lines!

Starting April 2017, the fifth generation of their smart & capacitive button will be available in USA.

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Aw 113046 Button

Starting April 2017, the fifth generation of their smart & capacitive button will be available in USA.

Those buttons use a new filtering technology:
 Water cannot trigger them, even in case the water jet directly goes on the button
 Works with latex gloves or Non-cutting gloves EN 3088
Some’s changes has been made also in the Grilamid TR90 UV Housing:
 The housing is fully IP69K
 More colors are available for customization: green, red and blue join the standards black and Grey….
Having a smooth button without any food retention area is something new for most of food plant but it’s a total requirement.
“We designed them to be in the harshest environment. We add more LED to have a nicer look on a new machine but we keep making the choice of Multiple LED. With up to 6 LED per button they are much more reliable than a single illumination version. Customer like to have pretty machine when he buys them but a couple years down the road, they are looking for reliability. We cannot to have a single component crashing to lost our illumination. Plus with now 3 colors per LED, they really indicate to an operator some key information’s. Colors is really an international language.” Explain Benjamin de Gournay, Export Team leader.
If the Buttons is still fully customizable by the customer, some standard references make their apparition such has :
“Kapix ON” : Green Housing ,Red/Green/Orange LED , 1 NO contact.
“Kapix OFF” ; Red Housing, Red LED, 1NO + 1NC contact.
“Kapix Action” : Black Housing ,Red/Green/Orange LED , 1 NO contact.
Both ON and OFF will have a laser engraving. Writing in laser is a safe way to keep information and insure no ink will fade with daily factory wash down.
Somes plants and OEM are really sensitive to the cost war and they want the best technology at the lowest price. Therefore, in order to keep reducing the machine cost, Comitronic-BTI, implement the possibility to have delayed buttons. For example in the “Kapix OFF” you must touch the button for 3S to activate the outputs. This has been made to avoid shutting down the machine by mistake and eliminate one delay relay in the purchasing list.

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