Building an IIoT-Enabled Solar Plant in the Desert

Many systems needed to be integrated and controlled to properly harness the power of a solar farm in Jordan’s desert temperatures.

Jordan traditionally has had a heavy reliance on its neighbors, with 96 percent of the country's energy needs coming from imported oil and natural gas from surrounding Middle Eastern countries. To lessen some of this dependence, Jordan’s Hashemite University began working with a company in Amman called FB Group to develop an engineering, procurement and construction project to build a solar farm. The goal? Enough photovoltaic capacity to power the entire university.

Designing the region's first net metering solar project was a complex task. The system required integration of hardware and software from multiple vendors. To tie these various pieces of technology together and automate the solar plant, FB Group knew it would require a control system that met these requirements:

• Enhanced protocol support

• Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities

• A solid track record of reliable operation in harsh, high-temperature environments, such as the Jordanian climate

FB Group turned to Opto 22 and its SNAP PAC control system to integrate and automate the various systems of the plant.

Learn about some of the challenges encountered and some of the innovative ways the system was designed to overcome them.

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