Skinny Jeans Reimagined as GPS

Recalculating? A fashion company has built jeans with GPS technology to provide step-by-step directions.


It’s taken some time for me to accept using my phone as a map, and now there's a fashion company wants us to get onboard with using jeans for a GPS?!

Italian-based Spinali Design has released a pair of "smart jeans," which include integrated GPS technology so that the wearer can instantly receive turn-by-turn directions to his or her next destination. According to a video on Mashable, the jeans are equipped with on-board sensors that connect to an app on a mobile phone via Bluetooth and use built-in vibrating modules to indicate whether the wearer is  supposed to turn right or left.

The jeans are not rechargeable, but apparently they’ve been built with enough power to guide the wearer once a week for more than four years. The designer of the jeans chose to experiment with the technology out of a desire to see people spend less time looking at their phones and more time appreciating their surroundings.


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