New 3U VPX Single Board Computer from Abaco Systems Provides Upgrade for Mission Ready Systems, Features Latest Intel Processor

SBC329 leverages greater performance of Intel Xeon E3 ‘Kaby Lake’ processors Designed for demanding, SWaP-constrained mission critical military/defense applications

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Abaco Systems – the world leader in VITA technology boards according to IHS – today announced the SBC329 rugged 3U OpenVPX single board computer (SBC). It is designed as a straightforward, cost-effective ‘drop in’ technology insertion opportunity for existing users of Abaco’s mission ready systems and as a powerful, minimal SWaP solution for customers developing their own systems for demanding applications to be deployed in harsh, highly-constrained environments.

The SBC329 offers a ~10% performance improvement over its predecessors and, because it is based on Intel’s latest silicon, also delivers greater longevity – extending the life of deployed platforms. It is the third SBC from Abaco to feature the latest 7th generation Intel® Core® technology (codenamed “Kaby Lake”). Abaco had previously announced the XVB603 and XVR19 6U VME single board computers that also leverage the additional capability of Intel’s newest silicon.

The SBC329 is available in two variants, both pin-compatible with the SBC326 and SBC328. These provide mission ready systems customers with the flexibility to choose the most appropriate platform. For applications prioritizing throughput and performance, the SBC329 is configurable with the Intel Xeon E3-1505M V6 processor operating at 3.0GHz. For applications prioritizing minimal power consumption/heat dissipation, the Intel Xeon E3-1505L operating at 2.2GHz is available.

The SBC329 provides enhanced support for customers planning to implement advanced security capabilities such as anti-tamper and information assurance. This includes an inherently secure FPGA solution, and support for Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology.

It also benefits from its support for Abaco’s AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment. AXIS enables the rapid creation and testing of sophisticated HPEC applications - reducing risk, cost and time-to-market.

“As our mission ready systems customers’ applications become increasingly demanding in terms of increased performance, every increment in processor capability can make an important difference,” said Mrinal Iyengar, VP, Product Management at Abaco Systems. “The SBC329 is the ideal response to those needs with its optimum combination of high throughput, minimal size, weight and power and Abaco’s industry-leading rugged reliability.”

The SBC329 supports a comprehensive range of onboard I/O features. It also offers an on-board mezzanine expansion site for enhanced system flexibility. Memory resources include 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM, up to 32 GB NAND Flash (SSD), 32 MB BIOS Flash and 16 MB BIOS backup Flash.

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