March 1, 2017
Kitagawa NorthTech, Inc., the most trusted leader and of standard chucks, advanced chucks, cylinders, steady rests and workholding accessories, provides turnkey, custom engineered workholding services.

Kitagawa NorthTech, Inc., the most trusted leader and of standard chucks, advanced chucks, cylinders, steady rests and workholding accessories, provides turnkey, custom engineered workholding services. Renowned for their standard and advanced chucks, the company also provides design, engineering, workholding manufacturing, assembly, testing, inspection, documentation, installation, and training. Whether a machine shop is experiencing a productivity challenge or a specific machining problem hindering parts manufacturing in their production operation, Kitagawa NorthTech’s in-house Productivity Team provides advanced applications engineering assistance and custom engineered workholding systems manufacturing. Kitagawa NorthTech’s custom engineered workholding services are ideal for a wide range of machining applications for vertical, horizontal, and multi-axis prismatic milling and turning, forging and casting applications.
Kitagawa NorthTech’s In-house Team of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineers are Dedicated to Solving Complex Machining and Workholding Problems for Customers.
Kitagawa NorthTech’s dedicated productivity team engineers extensively study applications requirements, cutting conditions and work piece drawings, which includes a review of geometric dimensional tolerance data. This is performed to identify the expectations and specific requirements of the customers’ application. They utilize state-of-the-art, 3D software modeling tools, formulas and customized equipment to help design and engineer custom Workholding solutions quickly, efficiently at the lowest cost possible.
Kevin Bennett, VP of Sales & Marketing, states, “From eliminating bottle necks in machining operations, to reducing cycle times, scrap problems and/or parts slippage in the chuck, Kitagawa NorthTech’s Productivity Team engineers have the expertise, skill set and knowledge- base to solve almost any prismatic and turning workholding problem. We deliver the best custom workholding solution available for customers.”
No Custom Engineered Workholding Solution from Kitagawa NorthTech is Complete, Until it’s Exhaustively Inspected and Tested Prior to it Leaving Their Facility
To achieve total customer satisfaction, Kitagawa NorthTech understands custom engineered workholding needs to work flawlessly and consistently on every production run. They want this to be a painless process for customers. Their comprehensive testing and inspection process will guarantee that outcome. Once an engineered Workholding design is manufactured, the Kitagawa NorthTech Productivity team conducts a series of inspection processes and rigorous tests to ensure the new engineered solution performs exactly as stated and specified. Their process includes a battery of tests which includes inspection of every component of the system, dry fitting components for proper assembly, and run outs and repeatability values testing of the workholding system.
Validating Custom Engineered Workholding in a “Real World” Environment to Make Certain the Workholding Solution Matches the Customer’s Requirements
Kitagawa NorthTech goes to great lengths to ensure that custom engineered workholding they manufacture will work exactly as expected. Throughout the entire testing and inspection process, they document all testing and inspection efforts and record the results as an added quality control measure to guarantee machining success. This facilitates the customer’s setup, installation and testing process. It provides important data and references points for the customer’s own in-house testing. The customer can also take comfort that Kitagawa keeps all documentation for future assistance. Finally, Kitagawa NorthTech also offers installation and training services if required by the customer.

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