3D Printed House for Sale

Need more space? Get ready for a 3D-printed home in less than 24 hours.


Feel like construction projects take forever? Not this one! A tech start-up may has created the first onsite 3D printed residential home, and did it in less than 24 hours, according to an article on LiveScience. The 406-square foot home, which was built in a town outside Moscow, took about $11,000 to complete.

A mobile 3D printer was used to create the concrete shell of the building, enabling the building’s concrete walls and partitions to be output as a fully connected structure (as opposed to printing building panels at an off-site facility and assembling onsite). After the 3D printed exterior shell was complete, another team of contractors came in to finish the job, adding the roof and windows and gussying up the interior. The home features a bathroom, living room, kitchen and hall.

The builders said the effort was an exercise to prove 3D printing’s applicability for “fast, eco-friendly, efficient, and reliable” construction. At a cost of $81 per square foot, I’d say they are well on their way to achieving those goals!

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