Seeq to Present with Customers Bristol-Myers Squibb and Devon Energy at OSIsoft User Conference in San Francisco

March 17, 2017
Seeq customers Bristol-Myers Squibb and Devon Energy will present next week at the OSIsoft User Conference on the use of Seeq to improve production outcomes.

Seeq customers Bristol-Myers Squibb and Devon Energy will present next week at the OSIsoft User Conference on the use of Seeq to improve production outcomes. Seeq is a visual data analytics application for engineers and scientists in IIoT and process manufacturing organizations. The presentations are typical of the benefits Seeq customers are realizing in the oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, mining, food and beverage, and other process industries.

"The passion to generate even more value from data in the OSIsoft PI System and deliver customer-centric solutions from our partner community is truly remarkable," says Aaron Pratt, Director of Global Channels at OSIsoft. "Together, Seeq and OSIsoft can help companies transform their operations and product lines for a new era, as demonstrated by our shared customers Bristol-Myers Squibb and Devon Energy."

The presentations, given by two of the many Seeq/OSIsoft shared customers attending the largest gathering of OSIsoft customers and partners in the world, include:

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Improvement through Leverage of PI Data and Analytical Tools
Robert Forest, Research Investigator II, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb is an OSIsoft EA customer with many years of stored data associated with process development, and clinical and commercial manufacture of pharmaceuticals. This data is stored in multiple PI Systems as well as other systems, but we are challenged to find the data of interest to analyze specific process conditions, events, and time periods. This is of particular importance for comparison of batch differences during process development and scale-up campaigns. It’s also important for investigation of issues such as quality and yield in clinical and commercial manufacturing. We will present a case study showing how we use Seeq to find data of interest to improve our process development campaigns and manufacturing operations to drive key business outcomes.

Devon Energy/Seeq Corporation
Oil Field Tank Haul-off Improvement Through Integration of Advanced Analytics with the PI System
Don Morrison, Senior Automation Engineer, Devon Energy
Jon Peterson, VP Products, Seeq Corporation

Remote assets often don’t have sufficient points of measurement, and important performance or compliance metrics are thus not available for analytics. However, it’s possible to derive these metrics using advanced analytics on available data. We will present the use of advanced analytics, from OSIsoft partner Seeq Corporation, to calculate oil flows into a tank battery and detect oil-haul events. This derived data from existing points of measurement is used to improve oil-haul truck dispatches, and to cross-check reported haul events with calculated haul events.

“These shared customers of OSIsoft and Seeq demonstrate some of the ways our customers benefit from our products,” notes Jon Peterson, Vice President of Product Management, Seeq Corporation. “Their success and feedback on product requirements has led to the innovative and easy-to-use visual data analytics application that Seeq is today."

For detailed training on the features of Seeq, the Seeq University channel on YouTube has videos describing the capabilities of all aspects of Seeq R16 including search, advanced trending, data-search, formulas, and more.

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