Cloud-Based Cellular SCADA for a Rural Water Treatment System

Learn how a systems integrator overcame common challenges when designing a cloud-based cellular SCADA system for a water treatment facility.

It’s a challenge for many rural water and wastewater treatment facilities: How do you leverage systems for monitoring, data acquisition and reporting on a budget that’s limited and when surrounding terrain may make it difficult to obtain line-of-sight connection that 900 MHz radios require?

For many of these treatment facilities, accessing advanced SCADA technology using cellular connectivity is simply cost-prohibitive due to the scan-based poll/response communication architecture of traditional systems.

Recently, however, engineers at system integrator Perceptive Controls found a practical solution: Using Polaris Perceptive software with an Opto-22 SNAP PAC control system, the company was able to deliver a low-cost SCADA system that avoids expensive servers and hardware while still delivering the required monitoring, control, alarming and reporting capabilities.

Read here how the system integrator designed the cloud-based, cellular SCADA system for a rural client while overcoming common hurdles, such as operating within data caps; ensuring reliable means to communicate configuration changes, such as HMI setpoints, with the server; and achieving necessary levels of security for such a vital municipal function.

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