Security Strategy: Microchip Your Employees

A Swedish firm is implanting workers with microchips in place of the usual swipe cards.


What would you do if your company wanted to implant a micro chip in you as part of its security plan?

I don’t know about you, but I’d take a pass. Apparently, that’s not the sentiment at Epicenter, a company based in Stockholm, Sweden, which provides network and office space to budding digital startups. According to an article on, Epicenter started implanting workers as far back as January 2015 with tiny, rice-sized microchips. The chips, which are implanted into their hands, function as one of those swipe cards you might get to gain access to certain areas. The implant replaces things like keys, allowing employees to get into rooms, elevators, even open doors simply by waving their implanted hand near a reader. Epicenter’s “cyborg” employees, as the article calls them, can even operate printers or order smoothies just by waving their microchipped hand.

While the microchips aren’t mandatory, apparently they’ve become a hit among employees. The article says that as many as 150 Epicenter employees proudly wear the chip, and the ritual of getting “chipped” has become a bonding ritual within the firm with parties to celebrate those who’ve become implanted.

Who knew?

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