Advantech Deploys 6 Growth Engines & Industrial-Grade Tablet AIM to Win Over Healthcare, Retail, Logistics Markets

April 11, 2017
Advantech (2395), a leading global provider of intelligent systems, has just kicked off its 2017 Service-IoT Worldwide Partner Conference.

Advantech (2395), a leading global provider of intelligent systems, has just kicked off its 2017 Service-IoT Worldwide Partner Conference. The latest application trends and insights showcased at the conference this year include entries in intelligent healthcare, intelligent retail, and logistics. Advantech is also presenting six growth engines for three business areas, as well as featuring Advantech Kostec, a South Korean medical display company. Additionally Advantech is unveiling its new industrial-grade AIM tablet, which Advantech developed in collaboration with AIMobile.

Advantech Service-IoT Group VP MC Chiang said that all factors, including economic growth, global trends and human needs, suggest that the development of intelligent living has to be made a priority. Nevertheless, the campaign for intelligent living will require both state investments in hardware/software integration and industry, as well as institutional and academic participation. This is not a process that can be dominated by one company. Advantech is taking a well-defined approach and focusing on intelligent healthcare, intelligent retail, and intelligent logistics. It also proposes six growth engines that will drive the future of IoT Services.

Six Growth Engines to Drive Expansion in Intelligent Healthcare, Intelligent Retail, and Intelligent Logistics

Intelligent Healthcare
 Growth Engine #1: Promoting iWard (intelligent wards) and Solution Ready Platforms (SRP)
Given an aging society and a medical staff shortage, hospitals are keen to explore ways to apply “intelligence” and “enablement” to improve the quality of medical services and reduce workload for medical staff. Advantech healthcare combines iWard solutions, which consist of an electronic nursing dashboard, IP nurse call, and a patient information system. Advantech iHealthcare SRP is redesigning a value-added care flow that keeps hospitals competitive.

 Growth Engine #2: Advantech Kostec Fuels Expansion into Intelligent Integrated Operating Rooms
Medical display company Kostec joined Advantech early this year. The plan is to continue growth and development in different healthcare application markets by taking advantage of Kostec's existing expertise and presence in South Korea, Southeast Asia, and North America, and integrating those with Advantech's global brand and sales teams and service networks in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Greater China.

Intelligent Retail
 Growth Engine #3: Building an Open, Innovative Platform to Create Win-win Transactions for Intelligent Retail Eco-partners Around the World
Advantech has constructed an open, intelligent retail, co-creative innovation platform to enable systematic sharing of internal knowledge and resources with its partners for the purpose of facilitating internal innovation and exploring the global retail market, followed by the creation of an eco-network of global intelligent retail partners. An open, co-creation innovation platform should be able to effectively connect systems such as cloud services, hardware/software platforms, IT structures, and IoT system integration. Exchange of resources among partners leads to shared resources, and effectively integrates external innovations into a streamlined system.

 Growth Engine #4: UShop+, a Cloud Platform that Integrates Retail Management Software for Optimized Operations
The RESTful APIs are made available for accessing PaaS data and services. It allows retail software developers to incorporate UShop+ into their own solutions for complete retail SaaS services. The platform also offers a range of smart business management reports to help retailers analyze operational data.

Intelligent Logistics
 Growth Engine #5: A Complete Range of Industrial Mobile Solutions
For effective management of mobile workers, vehicles, and goods, Advantech industrial mobile solutions offer industrial-grade handhelds, tablets, vehicle mounted terminals, and similar applications, including vehicle docking, office docking, universal covers, and humidity/temperature sensors and technical support (e.g. Intel® Android, RF, LORA, RFID). The goal is to offer a complete range of solutions that can meet logistics, warehousing, fleet management, and field service application needs.

 Growth Engine #6: Value Added Software ARP (Application Ready Platforms) Improves Safety In and Out of Vehicles
Improving safety on the road and in the city has always been an objective of Advantech industrial mobile solutions. Value added ARP software, such as voice-recognition technology and intelligent video analytics are integrated to improve driving safety, both in and outside of vehicles. Advantech voice recognition reduces distractions for drivers and effectively lowers the chances of an accident. Drivers can operate in-vehicle computers by voice commands and focus better on their driving. Advantech intelligent video analytics provides a forward collision warning system (FCWS), lane departure warning system (LDWS), sleepy driving alerts, and can detect the answering of mobile phones, distracted driving, and other dangerous driving habits. When it detects any of these conditions, the system promptly alerts the driver and the backend control center, facilitating early prevention and effective driver management.

Developing a Universal Industrial-grade Platform to Accelerate Adoption of Mobile Industry Applications

MC Chiang also stated that Advantech has been building on the widespread implementation of IoT technologies and the rise of the sharing economy. The company has constructed an ecosystem by treating itself as a platform, and has introduced product design into the development of a universal platform. Advantech hopes the approach will continue to encourage industry clients to adopt professional mobile devices at a faster pace. Last year Advantech started working closely with AI Mobile in the development of an industrial-grade tablet, AIM, which can be used across different industries. It adopts a modular design for better expandability and allows client in any industry to quickly familiarize themselves with the product. Advantech also built up industry-specific platforms for intelligent healthcare, intelligent retail, and intelligent logistics.

Four features of AIM: A Professional Tablet Designed for Fast Customization

 Feature #1: Industrial-grade Tablet Design
Unlike many products that process tasks on consumer platforms, AIM incorporates durability requirements, such as wide temperature, structural reinforcement, dust resistance, waterproofing, and long battery life, into its product designs.

 Feature #2: Operating System Options
To comply with connection requirements of different industry systems as well as satisfy the requirements of corporate assets and information management, AIM will release an open Android version and a Microsoft version to be used by business owners.

 Feature #3: Flexible Modular Design
Different industries have different requirements. The AIM modular peripheral design enables companies to quickly develop applications adapted to specific business requirements. The modular approach also helps them meet a multitude of connection requirements for the various devices used in different industries.

 Feature #4: A Wide Variety of Application-oriented Peripherals
Examples include expandable vehicle docking, multi-slot charge stations, office docking, and universal covers for various environments. A wide variety of application-oriented peripherals is available for different business scenarios.

Advantech established the vision of Partnering for Smart City and IoT Solutions in 2010. The company remains dedicated to the belief that partnering with different industries in the ecosystem is the way to maximize value for customers in the Smart City business. Advantech is welcoming more than 300 partners from more than 35 countries to the 2017 Service-IoT WPC. The company is also showcasing the latest technologies, products, and SRP solutions in three vertical business areas: intelligent healthcare, intelligent retail, and intelligent logistics. In addition, clients can experience AIM products firsthand at the event.

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