Consumable Water Capsules

June 24, 2017

Could this be the end of the water bottle? A London-based lab has created means to consume water using edible capsules.

Our friends at Packaging World magazine may not like to hear this, but work is underway to rid the world of food packaging. Skipping Rocks Labs, a London-based startup, is pioneering the use of natural mineral extracts from plants and seaweed to replace plastic. That's right, instead of water bottles, folks may soon be carrying water "balls."

The company’s first product, Ooho, is a biodegradable and edible capsule for water made from seaweed. The water can be consumed by tearing a hole in the packet and pouring it into your mouth, or plop the whole thing in and take a bite. The company has been developing the edible material for two years, supported by the Climate-KIC accelerator. The goal is to solve the plastic waste problem and reduce climate impact from packaging.

The concept is currently being tested at event and is in use in London. It  can be used for soft drinks, spirits and even cosmetics.

I might need some time to adapt to eating my drink, but given the interest, people seem to accept the idea of an edible water ball. Could this be the future of packaging?