MYNAH Announces Release of Advanced Thermo Package in Mimic Simulation Software v3.7.0

MYNAH Technologies announces the latest release of Mimic Simulation Software.

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MYNAH Technologies announces the latest release of Mimic Simulation Software. Mimic Simulation Software is a next-generation software platform for the process industries, providing fast, easy, flexible, dynamic simulation for plant operations life cycle results.

This latest release of Mimic v 3.7.0 contains the new Mimic Advanced Thermo Package. This is a complete set of advanced Thermodynamic methods and data designed to help users in the petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas, and refining industry develop an accurate dynamic simulation of their plant for less time and money.

The Mimic Advanced Thermo Package is a complete thermodynamics package, built for easy user configuration, and real-time model performance.

Complete Thermodynamics Package
Thermodynamic Methods and Property Data for life cycle applications across more processes and industries. Using these methods can increase accuracy while decreasing model development time. The methods included:

Eight Cubic Equations of State based upon derivations of Peng-Robinson and Soave-Redlich-Kwong
Non-ideal component behavior based upon NRTL using property data from publicly available data published in academic sources or estimated by Dortmund UNIFAC
Easy Configuration
The Mimic Advanced Thermo Package is another step in MYNAH’s mission of reducing the time and effort required to build and maintain high fidelity simulators, with an intuitive, easy-to-use approach to using this new capability by including the following features:

Thermo methods and data are set per Mimic Component Set - providing an intuitive, fast, open, and flexible approach to using these advanced features
Binary interaction parameters estimation wizards guide the user through setup and tuning of component sets
Easy to change or copy component sets allow user to try different thermo methods quickly and easily
Benchmark studies show Mimic Advanced Thermo Package significantly decreases model tuning requirements.
Real-Time, Dynamic Model Performance
The Mimic Advanced Thermo Package was built to provide real-time and dynamic model performance. Mimic Advanced Thermo Package features include:

Flash / VLE calculations at each model scan providing more stable, realistic simulation
Microsecond Flash/VLE calculations allows Mimic 100 msec model threads, supporting realistic dynamics for fast processes using actual plant control loop tuning
In addition, there are several enhancements made to Mimic’s Bulk Generation Utility, Mimic Explorer, Simulation Engine and Simulation Studio.

Mimic v3.7.0 is released and is available for any new system purchases. Mimic users who are current on Mimic Software Support can upgrade to Mimic v3.7.0 for no additional charge. Mimic Advanced Thermo Package is an option that can be added to any Mimic system with the Advanced Modeling Core License and current on Mimic Software Support.

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