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Enclosures Now Pre-Configured for the Dell Box PC 3000

Create a full NEMA 4X, IP65/66 Workstation for Any Industrial Application

The Dell Box PC 3000 is a compact and energy-efficient yet powerful computer purpose-built for embedded industrial environments. With its high 50°C temperature rating, small size, and efficient thermal design, it excels in small spaces. Since it's a Dell, users can expect industry-leading service and support, quick availability, and excellent pricing.

All this makes the Box PC 3000 a perfect match for our existing line of Industrial Small Form Factor PC Enclosures, so we have updated these products for drop-in compatibility.

The Hope Workstation: Just Add a PC for a 3rd-Party Certified NEMA 4X Solution
Using our Industrial Small Form Factor PC Enclosure with our fully-enclosed Universal Mount Displays, Keyboards, and Mounts, a full stand-alone workstation can be created for any industrial application, including full wash-down environments. The enclosure is designed to take care of all the problems typically encountered when enclosing a PC inside an enclosure.

A Perfect Home for a Dell Box PC 3000
The Hope Small Form Factor PC Enclosure includes pre-drilled and tapped mounting points for the Box PC 3000 (when using Dell 575-BBKB brackets) as well as an integrated, long-life industrial DC power supply.

Thanks to the efficient thermal designs of both the Box PC 3000 and the Hope Industrial enclosure, heat-rise inside the enclosure is negligible - our testing shows almost no increase in the temperature of internal PC components when running the Box PC 3000 in our enclosure compared to running the PC in open air at the same ambient temperature!

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