Mitsubishi Electric Automation Introduces HVAC Bypass Controller

Aug. 31, 2017
PowerGate H Series Offers Reliable Motor Control in a Small Footprint

– Combining motor control, energy efficiency and reliability in a compact design, the new PowerGate H Series “slimline” bypass controller from Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. provides a single, scalable, off–the–shelf fan and pump control solution for the HVAC market.

PowerGate H Series HVAC controllers offer the simplicity and functionality of an HVAC bypass controller and the high performance and reliability of the Mitsubishi Electric FR-F800 variable frequency drive (VFD), with both manual and automatic bypass control. Software functions include embedded control algorithms to maximize energy usage, real time energy monitoring functions, broken belt detection and other preventive maintenance functions. In addition, motor load is intelligently monitored by the drive, and output voltage is adjusted to match, improving efficiency and reducing motor heat and mechanical noise.

Key features of the PowerGate H include:

  • Smaller overall footprint, allowing mounting in limited space environments
  • Popular interfaces, including disconnect switch and hand/auto selectors, are standard
  • Integrated BacNet/IP communications
  • Three-contactor bypass available in slimline and standard configurations (1 - 250 HP)
  • Standard 575V model, 230V and 480V options also available

“We expect this scalable, off–the–shelf solution to be appealing to HVAC resellers, OEMs and design consultants, as well as our end-user customers,” said Christopher Rhodes, product marketing engineer at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. “For example, OEMs and builders can easily specify the PowerGate H as a complete solution that can be quickly installed into existing designs with little engineering effort.”

PowerGate H is fully compatible with earlier generations of Mitsubishi Electric controllers and meets the requirements of the most demanding applications. It can be used with either conventional induction motors or with the latest generation internal permanent magnet (IPM) motors. PowerGate H uses a third bypass contactor to ensure that the drive is completely disconnected from the circuit when used in bypass mode.

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