Oct. 31, 2017
Seamless integration of numerous proprietary plant-floor protocols

Weintek is proud to introduce their new Weintek cMT-G01 - Smart Communication Gateway. The

new Gateway has HMI data processing capabilities to provide the best solution for data transfer and

integration in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

This new innovative Gateway provides – Real Time Alarm Notification and supports over 300

protocols. Unlike other high-cost gateway products with limited connectivity, with an enormous

capacity to communicate with more than 300 brands of controllers and support Modbus TCP/IP,

MQTT and OPC UA Client / Server, the cMT-G01 Gateway enable easy integration of distinct onsite

devices and facilitate data transmission to the upstream monitoring or data management systems

such as SCADA, ERP, etc. It is designed to completely integrate multiple devices into one. The cMT-

G01 is equipped with data acquisition and the same analysis functions of an HMI (like capture-event-

log). It can implement Data Transfer (like recipe data) between devices, and run Macros to perform

arithmetical and logical operations. In addition, the cMT-G01 supports Scheduler to trigger events at

a specified time.

MQTT and OPC UA protocols are built-in features to support TLS/SSL certificate system; designed

for transmitting data securely. In addition, EasyAccess 2.0 is also encrypted with TLS/SSL to ensure

data integrity and to provide enhanced hacking protection. When connecting to EasyAccess 2.0, the

cMT-G01 is also capable of sending instant notifying emails with Push-Notification function and

troubleshooting HMIs/PLCs from a remote location with Pass-Through function. The cMT-G01

gateway plus EasyAccess 2.0 offers a wide range of features and benefits that can greatly improve

efficiency, reduce potential loss of productivity and save costs for your organization.

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