NovaTech Presents at 2017 Texas A&M Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety International Symposium

NovaTech Product Marketing Director, Chris Kourliouros, presented a paper entitled “New Paradigms in Mitigating Unplanned Events Caused by Human Error” at the 2017 Texas A&M Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety International Symposium on October 25th.

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This symposium serves as the crossroads for process safety where approximately 600 industry, academia, government agencies and other stakeholders come together to discuss critical issues of research in process safety.

Kourliouros reinforced that while the process safety incident frequency has declined, the improvement trend has reached a plateau. Human error continues to be the primary or secondary root cause in over 80% of these events.

He proposed that computer augmentation of written procedures, mobile-enabled with real-time links to a process control system, is a missing capability which could error-proof manually executed tasks.

“By leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), we have been able to develop a cost-effective, platform neutral software solution that integrates manual tasks with automated procedures,” commented Kourliouros. “Our goal is to provide the next paradigm in safety and operational performance through our Augmented Manual Procedures™ (AMP) offering.”

NovaTech developed its first procedural automation software, Paperless Procedures™, in 2005 and received a patent for it in 2009. AMP builds on this technology by enabling connectivity to any process control system, a key requirement for many process industry end users.

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