Parsec Announces Major Upgrade to Partner Program for TrakSYS™, Its Next-Generation Manufacturing Execution System

Nov. 16, 2017
Parsec today announced a major upgrade to its partner program for TrakSYS™, its next-generation manufacturing execution system (MES) platform. The program, re-named the TrakSYS Partner Program to better emphasize the company's renowned software, now offers systems integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and consultants a comprehensive set of benefits designed to foster both technical expertise and sales success.

"TrakSYS partners can now enjoy a partner program as advanced as our MES software platform. With enhanced training and support for both technical and sales team members, and pre-configured promotional campaigns and co-op marketing funds, the TrakSYS Partner Program gives our partners the flexibility to engage with Parsec in go-to-market models that align with their particular business strategy," says Mike Stephens, executive vice president of sales and customer service at Parsec.

Multi-Tiered Program

The TrakSYS Partner Program now features a three-tiered program framework that accommodates partner companies of all types. In addition to system integrators, the TrakSYS Partner Program also supports OEMs and management consultants. The program encourages participants to go deeper in providing innovative and high-quality solutions to the manufacturing management challenges they encounter. Partners will enter at the Bronze level and can advance to Silver or Gold tiers as they demonstrate competency with TrakSYS.

Comprehensive Training

The TrakSYS Partner Program starts with a 90-day onboarding process. This enablement effort includes technical training for integrators to implement and support TrakSYS, and commercial training to help integrators and management consultants advise clients on how to solve their manufacturing management challenges using TrakSYS. Every TrakSYS partner gets the attention of a team of professionals at Parsec, and partners at the higher tiers enjoy direct access to regional managers and executive support.

Promotional Support

The Partner Promotional Opportunity Program (POP), available to all Silver and Gold partners, enables the execution of co-branded TrakSYS promotional programs, by providing pre-configured promotional campaigns that can be adapted by partners for use in their markets, and co-op marketing funds to help pay for those promotional campaigns.