Control Platform Offers Power, Versatility

MELSEC iQ-R has fast processor, broad connectivity and many tools

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The MELSEC iQ-R control platform boasts fast processing speeds, network and module synchronization, and multi-discipline control. This fully integrated programmable automation controller gives users superior machine performance and productivity.

Multiple CPU and I/O module options bring flexibility for use at a wide variety of applications. The iQ-R can provide multi-discipline control with up to four CPUs in a single rack and a high-speed bus allows for synchronized data communication between sequential, process, redundant, safety, motion, CNC, androbot control. Commands are executed quickly, the CPU has an execution speed of 0.98 ns. It's programmed using GX Works3 software, which includes pre-loaded function blocks and configuration screens, reducing development and troubleshooting time.

The iQ-R’s high-speed system bus handles synchronized data communications between multiple CPUs, providing the performance and accuracy needed for high speed motion control applications. CC-Link IE Field provides deterministic performance over Industrial Ethernet, ensuring synchronization between nodes. Built-in SD memory card database provides recipe and data logging functionality without the need for an external server.

The CPU includes an internal database that can be installed into a SD memory card. This allows a selection of database commands that can add/delete/change records like simple recipe functions. It is also easy to import/export Unicode files for use in spreadsheets. This is useful where multiple product variations are produced using the same machine process.

iQ-R has a variety of security features to protect intellectual property and plant safety. Engineers can restrict access at the network level using IP filtering, lowering the risk of hacking or any other unauthorized third party access. At the controller level, security key authentication prevents unauthorized access to the program or execution of the CPU. Security keys can be registered to specific CPUs, personal computers, or an extended SRAM cassette. Use of an SRAM cassette enables CPU replacement in the field without the need for program changes.


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