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The Mitsubishi Electric “MELFA” family of industrial robots are engineered with high-speed performance and precision in mind. Combining intelligent technology, class-leading standard functionality, and seamless connectivity with Mitsubishi's full line of FA equipment, Mitsubishi Electric industrial robots have the tools to tackle today’s manufacturing needs.

The FR-Series provides new, more intelligent solutions that underpin "Next-Generation Manufacturing," offering a simpler approach to advanced and flexible production solutions.

Designed to provide maximum connectivity to peripheral devices such as vision systems, measurement sensors, and data acquisition hardware, FR-Series robots make it easy to collect the valuable production data. Available options such as a 6-axis force sensor and electric gripper with force feedback allow the robot to evaluate the world by touch, which provides the ability to collect more dimensional data and, perhaps more importantly, make a corrective action if necessary.

Next-generation, intelligent functions can further improve performance. The MELFA Smart Plus option provides high-precision calibration functions that correct machine deviations between cells, reduces 2D vision calibration tasks down to just a few minutes and even adjusts positioning to compensate for thermal expansion of the robot. Upgradeable and updateable, the MELFA Smart Plus option promises to provide even greater functionality in the future.

So whether you need to automate a simple task, create a full featured automation solution or something in between, Mitsubishi Electric’s line of industrial robots have the performance and capabilities to meet all your automation needs.

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