Marsh Bellofram Announces New BelGAS CP Division

Continues Aggressive Push to Form Specialist Groups Serving Oil & Gas

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Newell, W.Va.-March 13, 2018-The Marsh Bellofram Company continues to reimagine its BelGAS operations to strategically respond to the needs of the oil and gas industry, announcing the formation of the new BelGAS CP (Control Products) business unit one month after announcing the formation of its new BelGAS FM (Flame Management) division. The announcement is the latest step in an aggressive plan to super-serve the industry by strategically narrowing each business unit's focus with pairings of best-in-class products and unparalleled application support.

BelGAS and the recently launched BelGAS FM and BelGAS CP companies are members of The Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies.

The new BelGAS CP creates a range of instrumentation used on the well pad and beyond, such as control valves, level controls, level safety indicators, pressure relief valves, gauges, and needle valves. It also offers specialty fabrication services. In total, BelGAS CP's control products and fabrication services make them a one-stop shop for any OEM (original equipment manufacturer) producing surface production equipment for oil and gas exploration. The company's products also help increase safety for a variety of processes including oil and/or gas separation, sweetening, treating, heating, and more.

BelGAS CP and BelGAS FM offer distinct instrumentation and control products for non-overlapping-though equally critical-operations common to the oil and gas market. Their dedicated teams deliver a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of the industry and these applications.

"This reorganization of BelGAS makes us a stronger partner for customers," said Joe J. Colletti, Jr, president and CEO of Marsh Bellofram. "We are transforming into a specialist, particularly in critical applications, so oil and gas industry professionals always know where to turn first. We will continue to expand and build better products to meet the demands of our customers and the market. Ultimately, our BelGAS franchise will be the go-to place for customers and engineers for product development and advancement in the oil and gas market. If a concentrated focus makes for a better partner, be assured that BelGAS CP, like our new BelGAS FM group, is another niche from which to fulfill our promise of precision."

Look for more announcements about the continued expansion of the BelGAS franchise.

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