New DG Series DC Ground Fault Relay from NK Technologies Protects Machinery and Operators from Accidental Shocks

NK Technologies ( introduces the DG Series DC Ground Fault Detector.

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NK Technologies ( introduces the DG Series DC Ground Fault Detector. The DG series was designed to keep operators and machinery safe from accidental shocks by detecting fault currents quickly and easily, and can be installed at a fraction of the cost of products currently available. The one-piece, solid-core design allows for installation over wires feeding loads to about fifty amps. The output relay will change state at factory setpoint between 5 and 50 mA of DC current to earth.

Features include:

  • Electromechanical relay outputs 
  • Externally powered with choice of fail safe or standard auto reset, or latching contact
  • Solid core case - ample sensing window for multiple conductors
  • Designed for UL, CUL and CE approval for use worldwide

Applications include:

  • Monitoring Photovoltaic Panels: Detect fault currents before damage can occur
  • Water Treatment and Delivery: Detect moisture ingress in submersible pumps
  • Heating Processes: De-energize circuits quickly if an element shorts to ground
  • Communications Towers: Monitor and notify if a battery-powered supply is allowing current to earth

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