WITTENSTEIN alpha Enhances Portfolio of Servo Worm Gearheads: V-Drive Series Delivers More Options, Increased Performance

WITTENSTEIN alpha has released enhanced servo worm gearheads, the V-Drive series.

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WITTENSTEIN alpha has released enhanced servo worm gearheads, the V-Drive series.

Automated linear modules, feed axes and assembly cells, handling axes and belt drives in the food processing and packaging industries, tool changers and turntables for machine tools or cutting machines for textiles are just a few sample applications. With three different options – Basic, Value and Advanced – the WITTENSTEIN alpha V- Drive portfolio provides exactly the right performance for each axis.

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WITTENSTEIN alpha V-Drive Basic Worm Gear
The V-Drive Basic worm gear is designed for price sensitive applications with no high-end requirements for maximum torsional backlash. Available with hollow or solid shaft, and a total of five different reduction ratios. At just 7.4 kg and 12 kg respectively, the lightweight V-Drive helps save energy when the gearhead is used in moving machine axes.

The special design and geometry of the V-Drive Basic’s teeth not only provide high speed reserves and efficiency; they also make the servo worm gearhead very quiet and smooth-running, with a maximum of 65 dBA at full load and no more than 50 dBA – a mere “whisper” – at medium speeds.

Designed for ambient temperatures between -15°C and +40°C and featuring IP64 protection, the V-Drive Basic is exceptionally robust for this market segment. The new servo worm gearhead is additionally available as a corrosion resistant version with a nickel plated, cast aluminium housing and stainless steel motor mounting components for particularly harsh operating conditions. If higher axial forces are likely in the application, stronger bearings can be supplied for the V-Drive Basic as an option.

WITTENSTEIN alpha V-Drive Value and V-Drive Advanced

The V-Drive Value and V-Drive Advanced are upgraded versions of the former V-Drive eco and V-Drive+, with improved performance parameters. Apart from the extra torque – about twenty percent more – it is the significantly lower torsional backlash that is especially convincing: only 6 arcmin with the V-Drive Value (V-Drive eco: 8 arcmin) and 2 arcmin with the V-Drive Advanced (V-Drive+: 3 arcmin). The optimized design of the input seal moreover guarantees both of these V-Drive versions a service life exceeding 15,000 operating hours – 25% to 50% better than the current market standard.

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