The Inline Code Matcher for Reliable Packaging

A new quality control system utilizes SICK image-based code readers to ensure the right product is in the right packaging.

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SICK (, one of the world’s

leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems, machine vision, encoders and automatic identification solutions for factory, logistics, and process automation, today announced the launch of the Inline Code Matcher.

The Inline Code Matcher is a stand-alone quality control system featuring SICK Lector®6xx image-based code readers that reliably read 1D and 2D codes on packages to match packaging with the correct products. The Inline Code Matcher system software uses a 7-inch touch screen with an intuitive user interface for operation and to visualize data.

In addition, due to the Inline Code Matcher’s modular design and auto setup feature, it is easy to integrate into existing plants. Products can be changed over during a live operation on basis of an example product or manually with a hand-held scanner. The system allows for up to eight Lector®6xx 2D image-based code readers to monitor up to four lines simultaneously. Customizations are available upon request.

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