Advantech Launches 30 IIoT Solutions through the “Co-creation Model” and the WISE-PaaS Platform and Announces a Large-Scale Showcase in November

Advantech, the world’s leading brand in Intelligent Systems, has announced the co-creation of IoT Solution Ready Packages (SRPs), which has involved co-creating with various domestic and international companies.

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Advantech, the world’s leading brand in Intelligent Systems, has announced the co-creation of IoT Solution Ready Packages (SRPs), which has involved co-creating with various domestic and international companies. Thirty sets of SRPs will be officially released this year and Advantech will hold a 6,000 participant IoT Co-Creation Summit and press conference on November 1st and 2nd in Suzhou, China.

K.C. Liu, Chairman of Advantech, pointed out that Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications are about to become widely implemented in various industries. However, the key to success lies within platform technology suppliers, such as Advantech, as well as in working closely with industry professionals to integrate and form standardized and easily duplicated SRPs based on a combination of software and hardware products. These SRPs can be installed by system integrators at the client site. Eventually, IIoT industry chains will be formed as SRPs become established as comprehensive field solutions. Therefore, the IoT industry chain must include sensors, edge computing, communication, PaaS (Platform as a Service), industry SRP, and cloud services. For the next five years, this type of industry chain is projected to reach maturation at an accelerated pace.

Advantech has invited nine professional enterprises to announce co-created SRPs. The nine co-creation partners are:

Co-Creation Partner - Field of Co-Creation
Fleetivity - Fleet management SRP
ILink IoMT - Intelligent healthcare SRP and system integration
Nippon RAD, Inc. - Industry 4.0 and smart factory system integration in Japan
Allentia Sri - Equipment protocol conversion SRP
Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co. LTD - Remote operation and maintenance services for CNC machines
Etrovision Technology - Smart parking SRP
XMight - Electric vehicle charging management SRP
AnCAD - Equipment vibration monitoring SRP
P-Square Inc. - RTLS for smart hospital

Additional SRPs co-created with professional enterprises from China and other regions in the world will be announced separately.

For Advantech’s IoT Co-Creation Summit in November, 6,000 senior executives from the world’s IoT domains have been invited to exchange and share their ideas. The event will include 100 in-depth discussion seminars focused on IoT-related topics, IoT solution announcements with 30 different partners from various industries, and innovation applications co-created by 50 partners from key industry domains, bringing new ideas related to IIoT and smart city industries. The event is expected to have a major impact and to totally revolutionize the future of related industries.

According to Dr. Allan Yang, Advantech’s Chief Technology Officer, IIoT solutions must be able to integrate the collection of industrial equipment data based on a variety of standards with edge device management, wireless communication, and data analysis. Such solutions must also integrate the creation of visually intuitive reports on cloud platforms as well as creation of AI models and their integration with expert knowledge. Other key areas include compliance with data storage location and management regulations established by reach country/corporate policy and the construction of stringent and trustworthy platforms and data security mechanisms. Since the professional technologies and knowledge required must come from different domains, the co-creation model is truly an effective and mutually beneficial model for realizing these outcomes.

With respect to multifaceted and complex requirements of the IIoT solutions mentioned above, Advantech uses a data-driven architecture incorporated with cloud platform service technologies as its core to create the WISE-PaaS industrial cloud platform. The platform can move across multiple clouds and it offers flexible expansion, multitenancy, superior reliability, multiple database services for dashboards, and multi-level data security/management services. With the WISE-PaaS platform providing a foundation, Advantech and its co-creation partners will work together to rapidly deploy a range of IIoT solutions, By merging with the innovative industrial cloud service business model, the third wave of the digital revolution has officially kicked-off to successfully transform our industries.

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