NovaTech Announces D/3 Version 16

NovaTech, LLC today announced the latest release of its distributed control system software, D/3® Version 16 (D3v16).

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NovaTech, LLC today announced the latest release of its distributed control system software, D/3® Version 16 (D3v16). This release adds high-value features that deliver a competitive advantage for our customers. D3v16 provides a new PCM5 process controller with embedded Cyber Security, full system virtualization down to the controller level, and numerous ease of use and engineering enhancements.
“This is one of the most significant D/3 releases in the past decade, as the PCM5 controller provides a new, modular platform which will allow advanced applications and features to be added more efficiently. This will result in shorter and more feature-rich release cycles, delivering more value to our customers,” says NovaTech Product Development Director, Bill Keller.
At the core of v16 is the all-new PCM5 controller, which delivers best-in-class performance and reliability. Its modern form factor has a touchscreen interface for faster troubleshooting, fanless cooling, and embedded cyber security that is auto-configured and enabled by default. In addition, PCM5 aligns with NovaTech’s futureproof philosophy by allowing for communication with NovaTech’s prior generation of controllers on the same network.
Full system virtualization down to the controller level provides end users with a cost-effective system for development, testing, and training. Applications can be tested before changes are made to production systems, minimizing operational disruption.
“D3v16 delivers on our customers’ requests for enhancements that allow them to improve operational performance and efficiency across their plants,” says Chris Kourliouros, NovaTech Product Marketing Director. “We are very excited to be releasing v16 at a time when the process industries are looking for more cost-effective, open, and secure automation solutions.”

Modern Hardware
• Small footprint, no noise, low power
• No moving parts
• Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies
• Touchscreen diagnostics
• Most powerful controller to date

Controller Virtualization
• Hardware-independent development, testing, and training environment allows you to create and validate prospective changes without impacting production

Embedded Cyber Security
• Auto-configured firewall provides an added layer of protection

Ease of Use
• More intuitive and mistake-proof MDL Builder for easier control database configuration
• Dynamic loop and logic drawings in operator display for all tags
• Expanded video help expedites training

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