Advantech’s ITA Series Provides Comprehensive Product Solutions for Transportation Self-Service Applications

Advantech’s IIoT iAutomation Group is pleased to announce the launch of the ITA-1501, a new addition to the ITA series. Along with the existing ITA-1611 and ITA-1771 products, the ITA series now offers a comprehensive product solution, from entry to advanced level, for applications in self-service.

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These ITAs are compact, fanless industrial PCs with low power consumption, specifically designed to be employed as AFC controllers, automation ticketing systems, and transport hub self-service systems. The new ITA-1501 system is embedded with an ARM-based processor and is suitable for entry-level applications such as an intelligent locker system that requires basic ID validation and low volume data transmission.

The ITA-1611 and 1711 are Intel® Celeron® J1900 quad-core processor systems designed to handle high volume streams of data processing and complex computing. The ITA-1611 can be used in smart parking applications because of its superior ability in handling image data processing for license plate identification and automatic fare calculation. With multiple I/O design, the ITA -1711 can accommodate more connection to external sensors, controllers, and displays to offer versatile expansibility for advances self-service applications, making it an ideal choice for use in advanced ticketing and fare collection systems in busy transport hubs.

All I/O interfaces are on the same side as the controllers, which facilitate easy access and maintenance. Also, an easy-swap modular design enables flexible adaptation tailored to specific customer needs. The internal components follow a simple and rugged design which improves its strength and makes it able to withstand shocks and vibrations.

All models support dual display options. The ITA-1501 supports VGA1 + VGA2 and VGA1 + HDMI displays, which ITA-1611 and ITA-1711 supports VGA as the main display and VGA2/LVDS/DVI-D/HDMI as the second display with an additional options of supporting up to a total of four display connection with an add-on module.

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