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Epson Expands Award- Winning Flexion N-Series Robots with the N6 6-Axis Robot

Expanding on its award-winning Flexion™ N-Series lineup, Epson Robots today announced the new Flexion N6 6-Axis robot.

Expanding on its award-winning Flexion™ N-Series lineup, Epson Robots today announced the new Flexion N6 6-Axis robot. Featuring the world’s first folding-arm design and a strong footprint-to-reach ratio, this compact 6-Axis robot offers a powerful solution for tight or confined spaces in factory automation. The Flexion N6 is available from Epson today.
With a unique ability to fold under itself, the robot helps reduce intermediate points and shorten cycle times. Ideal for vertical load/unload applications, this compact robot provides the ultimate in motion and workspace efficiency. Innovative tight-space motion capability helps ensure the robot’s arm extremities avoid obstacles, while Epson’s proprietary Residual Vibration Technology delivers outstanding speed, precision, acceleration/deceleration rates and more.
The Flexion N6 has a longer arm (1,000 mm) and can handle higher payloads (6 kg) than Epson's previously released Flexion N2 6-Axis robot. The N6 will also have 850mm reach and clean versions due to release late 2018.The Flexion N2, the first robot to feature the unique folding arm design, was awarded the Edison Award for Innovation and UBM’s Golden Mousetrap award in 2017.
“Thanks to the unique folding arm technology, our N-Series robots are ideal for a wide range of industries that require extreme precision and dexterity for handling small parts in a very tight environment,” said Gregg Brunnick, director of product management for Epson Robots. “By expanding the Flexion N-Series, we are meeting the demanding needs of advanced manufacturing for intelligent, compact solutions.”
Key Features
World’s first folding-arm design — built for optimum motion and workspace efficiency
Ideal for confined spaces — perfect for load/unload applications
Ultra long reach in a compact design — strong footprint-to-reach ratio
Unique tight-space motion capability — ensures the robot’s arm extremities avoid obstacles
Outstanding motion efficiency — arm design allows for fast cycle times
Powerful arm design — 1,000 mm reach, up to 6 kg payload
Remarkable speed and precision — powered by Epson’s proprietary Residual Vibration Technology
Full-featured Epson RC+® Development Software — makes it simple to create powerful solutions
Integrated vision guidance option — designed specifically for robot guidance; easily automates simple applications when vision is required
Other integrated options — fieldbus interface solutions; RC+ 7.0 API software for open-platform functionality; teach pendants; and customizable GUIs
While beneficial in a large range of industries, key applications for the Flexion N-Series include micro-sized electronic, automotive, medical, and consumer goods parts assembly, managing of well plates in laboratories, and pill handling in pharmaceutical. The Flexion N-Series is available in both ceiling and tabletop configurations. Compatible and packaged with the RC700A controller, the Flexion N-Series also utilizes Epson’s user-friendly RC+ Robot Development Software and can be used with Epson’s expansive range of integrated options, including Vision Guidance, Force Sensing, Fieldbus, and GUI Builder. To learn more about the Flexion N-Series, visit

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