Endress+Hauser releases Proline Promass A - Highest accuracy for the lowest flow rates

Oct. 5, 2018
The compact Coriolis single-tube system for the precise measurement of the lowest flow quantities of just a few grams per minute

In many applications within the process, food and life sciences industries, the smallest amounts of a substance must be measured and added with a high degree of accuracy – whether in piping or in chemical reactors. Flavoring for foodstuffs, active ingredients for pharmaceuticals or corrosion-inhibiting substances in oil production are just a few examples. The newly developed Promass A measures such substances drop-for-drop with a precision unmatched worldwide.

No matter what the process, Promass A guarantees maximum robustness and precisely measured values with unparalleled repeatability, even in cases where process and ambient conditions fluctuate significantly. All of this thanks to the innovative sensor concept, which sets new standards in Coriolis measurement technology. Promass A is light and compact – with no losses in performance or robustness. The measuring device is therefore ideally suited for space-saving installation, for example in modular process facilities and skids.

Maximum precision thanks to the innovative sensor concept

The Promass A sensor system is mounted on a base plate that acts as a “shock absorber,” effectively shielding the Coriolis measurement from outside interference, e.g. from pipe vibrations. Other contributing factors are the oscillation frequency of the measuring tube, which is significantly higher than that of traditional Coriolis flowmeters, and its completely balanced oscillation behavior. At a specified maximum measured error of ±0.1%, high precision measurements down to 8g/min are possible, or – if the maximum error is permitted to be ±1% – even a quantity of less than 1g/min can be measured. A top value for Coriolis flow measurement technology.

The device design – robust and industry-optimized

Thanks to the variety of device options, such as nominal diameter, material, process connection, certification, transmitter type or degree of protection, Promass A can be used in numerous applications. Thanks to its light and space-saving design (the smallest measuring device with a nominal diameter DN 1 [1/24"] is no larger than a wallet), Promass A can also be easily installed in extremely tight spaces, such as in skids. There are a multitude of process connections available, such as flanges, lap joint flanges, couplings, internal threads or Tri-Clamps. PromassA can be used at process temperatures between –50 to +205°C (–58 to +401°F).

Suitable for the chemical and process industry:

The wetted parts are manufactured from stainless steel or Alloy C22 and are compliant with the requirements according to NACE MR0175/MR0103. As a result, the entire Promass A measuring system features high corrosion resistance and is ideally suited for applications in the chemical and process industry. Since the entire sensor housing surface consists of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, PromassA is especially suited for harsh ambient conditions in the offshore and onshore sectors where aggressive, salty air is present. Process connections are available in different pressure ratings up to a maximum of 430.9 bar (6250 psi).

Suitable for the food and life sciences industry:

Other preferred fields of application for Promass A are found in the food and the life sciences industries with their hygienic or sterile environments. Users can select from various device options, such as the IP69 degree of protection or polished surfaces with a roughness (Ra) of max. 0.38mm (15µin). The wetted parts are made of 1.4435 (316L) stainless steel in pharmaceutical quality. Various certificates and qualifications guarantee that Promass A completely fulfil industry-specific requirements, such as the suitability for the food industry (3‑A, FDA, Food Contact Materials Regulation [EC] 1935/2004) and that of the pharma­ceutical industry (FDA, USP Class VI, TSE/BSE certificate of suitability). In addition, the Promass A single-tube system is completely self-drainable, ensuring that no product residue is retained. This aspect is especially important in the food and life sciences industries because of their high product-quality requirements.

Web server – direct data access in the field

Proline 300/500 transmitters include a web server as a standard. Using a standard Ethernet cable and a laptop – or wireless over WLAN – users have direct access to all diagnostic, configuration and device data without additional software or hardware. This enables targeted and time-saving maintenance and service.

Heartbeat Technology – for reliable measurements and maximum operational safety

Heartbeat Technology is another highlight. This testing function is integrated into all Proline measuring devices and enables permanent self-diagnostics with the highest diagnostic coverage (>95%) as well as a TÜV-tested, metrologically traceable device verification without process interruption. All of this reduces complexity and hazards in a plant and increases its reliability and availability. Since the Promass A measuring system has been developed in accordance with IEC 61508 (SIL), it is also preferred for use in safety-related applications.

HistoROM – simply unforgettable

The one-of-a-kind data storage concept (HistoROM) ensures maximum data security – before, during and after service. All calibration data and device parameters are stored securely on the HistoROM data storage module and are automatically reloaded after maintenance work. Installing spare parts is easy, saves time and thus reduces unnecessary downtimes.

Transmitters for seamless system integration

Promass A can be combined with various transmitters: as a two-wire device (Proline 200), as a compact four-wire device (Proline 300), or as a remote version (Proline 500) with up to four inputs and outputs.

Proline transmitters make no compromises in terms of performance and accuracy. The digital signal processing begins in the intelligent sensor and is the basis for a real multivariable measurement. This means that Promass A can simultaneously detect multiple measured values that are important for process control: mass flow, volume flow, density, concentration and temperature. Full access to all measurement data, including diagnostic data acquired by Heartbeat Technology, is possible at any time thanks to the wide range of digital fieldbuses (EtherNet/IP, Modbus RS485, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART, WirelessHart) as well as WLAN and the freely combinable inputs and outputs.

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