icotek New Products for sps ipc drives 2018

Oct. 19, 2018
For the SPS 2018, icotek presents another size for the new KVT-ER series.

KVT-ER Split Cable Gland with New Size

For the SPS 2018, icotek presents another size for the new KVT-ER series. The extremely robust KVT-ER now also has the metric standard size M25. Sizes M32, M50, and M63 have been available since the market launch of the KVT-ER. The split-table cable gland is used for the routing and sealing of cables with and without connectors, hydraulic and pneumatic hoses.

The KVT-ER fulfills the IP protection ratings IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP68 - certified according to EN 60529. The high protection ratings are achieved due to the high contact pressure as well as an injected gasket. The strain relief on the cables is carried out in accordance with EN 62444. Currently, certifications according to “c UR us” and NEMA TYPE 12/4X are in progress.
Due to the consistent divisibility, retrofitting or service work is easily done. The locknut required for assembly is already included in the shipment. Certificates and samples are available directly from icotek.


The Alternative to Conventional EMC Cable Glands

Based on its cable entry frames, icotek now offers frames with EMC shielding. The frames for cable entry are highly conductive and metallized. They are entirely factory metallized with a scratch resistant coat. The corresponding cable grommets EMC-KT from the icotek are made of conductive elastomer. Screen- as well as field-related disturbances are diverted directly via the grommet and the frame. Between the EMC-KEL and the metal wall, a conductive flat gasket (included in the delivery) is also mounted. Depending on the application, a degree of protection of IP66 can be achieved. Mounting variants are varied and individually changeable. The EMC-KEL ensures a 360 ° contact of the cable shield.

The EMC cable entry frame is an alternative to the conventional EMC cable gland. Due to the high packing density, valuable space is saved compared to the EMC cable gland. Only one breakout in the housing wall is required. The product can be combined with various other icotek products and is available in different sizes.


Plug-in Pressure Compensation Element from icotek

With the PCE12, icotek offers a pressure compensation element for its KEL, KEL-U, KEL-ER and KVT-ER cable entry systems. The pressure compensation element compensates for pressure fluctuations e. g. cause by solar radiation and temperature differences.
IP protection up to IP65 is further ensured by using the PCE12.

The pressure compensation element finds its ideal use in highly sealed housings to prevent condensation. The assembly takes place by using the cable grommet KT 12, which is then installed in connection with split-table cable entries or cable glands.

The PCE12 can easily be plugged into the cable entry frame or cable entry plate, no additional holes are required. The PCE12 is offered individually, but also as a set consisting of a pressure compensation element and the matching grommet.

The PCE12 is available now.


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