Digital engineering in Linear Motion Technology: Rexroth is expanding its range of eTools

Oct. 26, 2018
Engineering tools and configurators guide the user purposefully through the digital selection process and sustainably reduce the time-to-market

Thanks to Bosch Rexroth’s Linear Motion eTools, the process of selecting, dimensioning and ordering Linear Motion components and systems is now easy and convenient. With eConfigurators and engineering tools, users no longer have to flip through catalogs and manually look up part numbers now that it can be done online. Machine and system designers will also benefit from more efficient workflows as a result of these eTools. Rexroth is constantly redeveloping its range of digital tools to ensure new functionalities and improved user experiences.

Bosch Rexroth‘s eTool portfolio, which encompasses virtually all of Rexroth‘s Linear Motion components, allows users to plan, design and order Linear Motion systems more effectively. Additionally, Rexroth has recently incorporated new configurators for runner blocks, as well as, for precision steel shafts of linear bushings, adding to its comprehensive tool environment.

Rexroth's years of extensive engineering knowledge provides the user with a complete portfolio that assists starting from the first idea up to delivery and makes finding products and dimensioning easier and faster. With Rexroth’s eTools, the CAD data of completed configurations becomes immediately available for a variety of 3D and 2D systems. Rexroth’s complete digital engineering system not only ensures a shorter time-to-market, but it also helps to avoid dimensioning errors.

As part of its goal to continually improve its engineering tools, Rexroth regularly updates its software tools. For example, LinSelect, the selection and sizing tool for linear axes and actuators, offers a much larger range of functions now versus the original launched in 2016. In addition to the six new language versions available, the selection and calculation algorithms were optimized by implementing valuable customer feedback. Along with improvements to the menu functions and display options, LinSelect also provides access to Rexroth’s newest products and configuration variations. As part of these updates, the layout of the Linear Motion eTools portfolio has been gradually redesigned to be visually uniform and provides the user with simple operation in accordance with the latest standards.

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