Advantech’s CRPS is proven in the Server and Enterprise Networking Markets

Advantech’s IIoT Automation Group is pleased to offer CRPS (Common Redundant Power Supplies) in our system applications.

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Comparative Advantages for New Power Factor CPRS Power Supply

In the past, a modularized design structure was difficult to implement in server systems due to the difference in mechanical dimensions and electronic specifications. However, since Intel® defined new standard RPSU form factor CRPS, server suppliers have been able to offer modular system integration capability and design by purely upgrading power capacity based on different system application requirements.

Continuous Upgraded CRPS Performance

At the early stage, due to limitations in internal design space, CRPS power units with higher than 1600W dimensions are hard to keep the same as those with lower watts. Luckily, with technological evolution in several product generations, the current mainstream specifications from 300W to 2200W completely follow a standardized design specification. This advantage greatly brings design efficiency and convenience.

CRPS Applications for Industrial Servers

Advantech has already been designing products with CRPS power units into our system applications, such as models with 300W to 800W for Telecom system applications and those with 800W to 2000W for storage servers and GPU server applications. Compared with previous redundant power supplies, these new power solutions not only enhances competitiveness in product cost but also provides modular design and supply chain planning efficiency. Even now, Advantech is planning to phase in many compact CRPS units in 2019 with a maximum wattage of 2200W, among the same size CRPS for 2U 4-node servers.

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