Kurt Tuff™ Hose Is Designed For Rugged, High Pressure Applications Up To 6500 PSI – Handles Tight Bends In Less Space

Oct. 26, 2018
Heavy duty, hydraulic applications call for Kurt Tuff™ Hose.

Designed for rugged, high pressure applications, Kurt Tuff™ hose has 6500 PSI capacity using less installation space.

Kurt Tuff™ Hose has a unique design allowing bending twice as tight as standard SAE hose with half the bend radius. Reinforced internally with two braided layers of high tensile steel wire, this hose retains flexibility with enhanced durability. With an abrasion resistant outer cover (10 times as resistant compared to standard hose cover), Kurt Tuff™ hose is rated to 1 million impulse cycles.

Important additional features:

• Lightweight compared to other hose in its pressure range

• Withstands temperatures from -40°F up to 250°F

• Oil and abrasion resistant synthetic outer cover

• Great UV rating as compared to other hoses

• Meets or exceeds SAE DIN 20023 requirements

• Meets flame resistant MSHA designation

• Higher pressure and longer life than similar hoses

Applications for Kurt Tuff™ hose include a wide range of spiral hose installations with high pressure ratings. Equipment benefiting from the rugged qualities of Kurt Tuff™ hose include off highway vehicles, oil drilling equipment, trucks, construction equipment, large machinery, and most heavy duty hydraulic applications.

Kurt Tuff™ hose diameters available range from 1/4 inch to 1 inch ID and utilizes the Kurt full line of couplings which are interchangeable with other popular brands. Kurt offers both hose and couplings in cost effective combination packages and provides special engineering assistance for difficult applications.

Supporting customers fast delivery needs is Kurt’s in-stock inventory of over 3 million feet of hose and millions of couplings in thousands of styles to keep customers’ systems up and running. Kurt reports that its couplings are “proudly made in the USA.” The company also boasts of having the latest CNC machining technology for high volume, cost effective manufacturing to meet every customer’s needs.

See more at: www.kurthydraulics.com Email: [email protected] Call 1-866-257-7995 for our new FREE 175-page catalog or download it from the website. Kurt Hydraulics Corporate Offices are located at: 5280 Main Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421.

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