Matrox Imaging Reveals New Addition to Matrox Concord Family of GigE Vision Adaptor Cards

Nov. 2, 2018
Matrox Concord PoE with ToE delivers trigger-over-Ethernet capabilities to support multi-camera installation

Matrox® Imaging today announces theMatrox Concord PoE with ToE, a new addition to the Matrox Concord family of network adaptor cards for use with GigE Vision® cameras.

Boasting all the features and functionality of the Matrox Concord PoE boards, the Matrox Concord PoE with ToE delivers hardware-assisted trigger-over-Ethernet (ToE) capabilities along with eight auxiliary I/Os for easily synchronizing multiple GigE Vision devices. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functionality helps simplify cabling between cameras and vision computers, protecting cameras, board, and host computer from any possible damage due to faulty electrical signals.

Optimize configurations with a choice of two- and four-port options
Available with either two or four Gigabit Ethernet ports, Matrox Concord PoE with ToE adaptor cards are right-sized for specific installation demands. The boards readily handle all command and streaming protocols, while also sourcing power over a single Cat 5e/6 cable per camera connection.

Trigger multiple cameras simultaneously using ToE
Matrox Concord PoE with ToE offers hardware-assisted ToE capability to permit sending of a software trigger or an action-command to one or more cameras based on an external input event. Helping reduce trigger latency and remove jitter brought on by a non-deterministic host environment, the ToE capabilities apply to camera(s) on either the same or multiple Ethernet ports for a given trigger event.

Real-time I/Os
The ToE capabilities ensure that the digital I/Os on the Matrox Concord PoE with ToE boards are managed by a dedicated hardware-assisted mechanism. With the use of this mechanism, output events can take place at precise moments in time, based on elapsed time, or for specific input events. Input events can be count-derived from a discrete input or originate from a discrete input, such as a rotary encoder. Multiple cascadable hardware timers are available to count or generate specific events.

Pair with all Matrox Imaging software offerings
Matrox Concord PoE with ToE and Matrox Concord PoE boards are both pre-licensed for GigE Vision support within Matrox Imaging software, whetherMatrox Imaging Library (MIL), the comprehensive software development kit (SDK), as well asMatrox Design Assistant, the flowchart-based integrated development environment (IDE). The Matrox Concord PoE boards also feature a license fingerprint for Matrox Imaging software, avoiding the need for a separate hardware key.

“The Matrox Concord PoE with ToE addresses a key concern for using multiple cameras working together” says Mathieu Larouche, product manager, Matrox Imaging. “It alleviates the latency and jitter encountered when using decoupled hardware under Windows® or Linux®.”

Matrox Concord PoE with ToE will be officially released in Q1 2019.

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