FactoryMation Expands Programmable Controller Options to Include LSIS XGB PLC

Nov. 7, 2018
LSIS XGB Programmable Logic Controllers Available Now

FactoryMation introduces the new XGB Programmable Logic Controller family from LS Industrial. XGB PLC family offers high performance, robust functionality, and a compact design that programs from a single programming environment. The XGB PLC family offers multiple controller options than can be used on simple machine applications to complex control systems. The XBG PLCs are available in four controller types: E Type, SU Type, M Type, and U Type. The XG5000 programming software, provided free-of-charge, is compatible with all four members of this PLC family. This means that one software environment can be learned and utilized to manage all four types of PLC regardless of application rather than installing and learning multiple programs to get the job done. Having four options under one family and one software provides greater flexibility and system scalability.

All four members of the XGB family utilize a convenient front-loaded design with indicator lights, access doors, and RUN/STOP switch located toward the front of the device. Each allows for different combinations of available Option Board slots, Expansion Module capacity, and RS232/RS485 and ethernet ports. Different types also feature different max I/O, program capacity, and processing speed to fit the application needs. The E Type has a max I/O of 38 points, 4k step program capacity, and 0.24 microseconds-per-step processing speed. SU Type PLCs have a max I/O of 284 points, 15k step program capacity, and 0.094 microseconds-per-step processing speed. M Type feature 256 point max I/O, 20k step program capacity, and 0.084 microseconds-per-step processing speed. Finally, the U Type has max I/O of 352, 32k step program capacity, and processing speed of 0.06 microseconds-per-step.

All four types of the XGB family are programmed with the completely-free XG5000 software located on FactoryMation’s website. XG5000 is a user-friendly graphic interface programming environment allowing user-customized toolbars and shortcut keys, click-and-drag programming, ladder and instruction list programming, programming simulation, and more. All four XGB types utilizing the same software means that multiple PLCs can be programmed within a single project regardless of type, and dedicated software modules provide easy setup, a single location to view all parameters, and reduced programming time. Additional features of the XG5000 software include online system monitoring and data manipulation screens.

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