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What Does a SmartBridge® System Look Like?

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SmartBridge® System
SmartBridge® System

Pepperl+Fuchs has developed various technologies that build the bridge from the sensor level to the cloud. They are designed to simplify, accelerate, and ensure communication, thus making data available in the "Internet of Things."

SmartBridge® technologybridges the gap between sensors andIndustry4.0 by enabling remote monitoring of sensor activity.With real-time diagnostics, operators can be alerted when a sensor needs cleaning or other preventative maintenance.

TheSmartBridge interfaceis plugged into a connection between a control unit and an IO-Link-compatible device. The SmartBridge interface picks up the IO-Link communication with a sensor or actuator and transmits process data to a mobile device via Bluetooth.

ASmartBridge appis available for download-users can easily track status and process data from the IO-Link device on a tablet or smartphone.

Sensors can now be configured remotely using the SmartBridge app and parameters can be changed "on the fly," eliminating production delays.

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