Dranetz Introduces PQView® DE its new web application for use with its fixed power monitoring systems

PQView® DE replaces Encore Series Software as the web application for use with the Dranetz fixed monitoring systems. PQView DE features a modern responsive web design that allows users to interact with their monitoring system from virtually any platform, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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PQView® DE replaces Encore Series Software
PQView® DE replaces Encore Series Software

Dranetz Technologies introduces PQView DE as a replacement to its Encore Series Software (ESS) for use with its power quality, demand and energy monitoring systems. ESS relied on Java plug-ins which are no longer supported in newer web browsers. PQView DE with its new look and modern design offers the complete feature set with which long time Dranetz software users had become familiar while leveraging a modern cross-browser supported features and a responsive design. PQView DE is fully compatible with all of the Dranetz products that were supported by ESS, including the 61000 family, ES meters and legacy 55xx series DataNodes. PQView DE is based on the enterprise software platform PQView developed and supported by affiliate company Electrotek Concepts where it is used by utility customers globally. As a result, PQView DE users will have a seamless migration path to the more scalable and feature-rich PQView enterprise software platform as their needs grow.

“We are excited to offer this new product to existing Dranetz customers” said David Ellis, President & CEO
of Global Power Technology (parent company). “We believe our customers will like the new modern design and responsive web interface. Those considering Dranetz will immediately see the benefit of working with an information rich platform that will scale and will help them to remain well informed as their needs grow or become more complex. PQView DE offers a seamless upgrade path from the legacy Encore Series Software product that it replaces”.

Dranetz was the first to pioneer permanently installed or fixed power quality monitoring systems. Its industry leading permanent monitoring system includes the Dranetz HDPQ Power Quality DataNodes, the 61000 family (61STD, 61SG, 61SGD) of Power Quality instruments and the ES series family of Demand and Energy meters. All are fully compatible with the new PQView® DE (supersedes ESS) and PQView web enabled system software.

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