Five-Conductor Flexible Portable Cord from AutomationDirect

Type SOOW and Type SEOOW flexible cord with 5 conductors in 16, 14, 12 and 10 AWG have been added to the existing 2, 3 and 4-conductor styles available from AutomationDirect.

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Type SOOW and Type SEOOW flexible cord
Type SOOW and Type SEOOW flexible cord

Flexible portable cord or service cord is used for electrical power connections requiring flexibility in indoor and outdoor wiring applications. Grounded Wye or 5-wire systems are required in applications such as power drops and supply power for mobile equipment.

Type SOOW and SEOOW cord are rated at 600 VAC and are available in 18 to 10 AWG. With a thermoset rubber jacket, Type SOOW is resistant to melting on momentary contact with a hot surface, is best for abrasion resistance and offers a lower cost. Type SEOOW has a thermoplastic elastomer jacket, a wider continuous temperature range and offers better flexibility at very low temperatures.

Made in the USA, 5-conductor flexible portable cord is priced from $0.82 per foot and is cut-to-length in one-foot increments with a 20-foot minimum. There are no cut charges and no shipping charges on orders over $49.

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