Elmo Motion Control Announces Single Power Source Miniature Servo Drive

Jan. 23, 2019
The ultra-small, extreme power density Gold Twitter servo drive will be available with an enhanced version, including a capability to be powered from single power source

Elmo Motion Control (Elmo), a leading provider of advanced motion solutions, announces a new enhanced Gold-Twitter version with single source up to 95VDC. This allows users to use a single source power for both, the drive and logic power.

As part of its continuous engineering efforts, the Elmo R&D team was able to integrate a higher voltage internal supply into the ultra-small Gold Twitter. Gold Twitter 80V and 100V versions denoted with a new P/N suffix can now operate from a single power supply. VL (Control Supply) and VP+ (Power Supply) operating from a single source is a huge benefit for machine builders. The single control supply topology contributes to lower EMI, and reduced sensitivity to poor external wiring.

Despite the changes the new enhanced version will be completely F3 compliant. The strict compliance with the F3 rules (Fit, Form, and Function) ensures transparent usage for customers that currently use G-TWI.

For ordering the single power supply G-TWI, add the suffix "S" to the part number. For example: G-TWIR80/80EES. Click here to read more.

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