Feb. 15, 2019
Banner Engineering, a leading provider of technology for industrial automation, today announced the release of ABR Series imager-based barcode readers for solving a wide range of challenging track and trace applications.

ABR Series barcode readers utilize advanced algorithms to decode a full library of 1D and 2D barcodes, including direct part marking (DPM), damaged, distorted, and overprinted codes. Their all-in-one design combines imager, lens, and lighting in one compact device that can be used in many industrial environments. They are available in two compact form factors with a range of lens and lighting options and multiple resolutions to reliably read small, complex, and challenging barcodes. Industrial communication options include Ethernet, serial, or USB for seamless integration on the factory floor and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) initiatives.


The ultracompact ABR 3000 is a feature-rich barcode reader that fits in very small spaces and solves a wide range of barcode reading applications. It features a manual focus lens and is available in models with a WVGA (752 x 480 pixels) imager or a 1.2 MP (1280 x 960 pixels) imager. An integrated LED illuminator provides uniform bright white light to illuminate barcodes.


The compact, IP67-rated ABR 7000 offers fast processing and has a 1.3 MP (1280 x 1024 pixels) imager that reliably reads small, complex, and challenging barcodes. Multiple lens options are available, including a software adjustable liquid lens autofocus that easily adapts to changes in read distance. Lighting options include integrated red or multicolored LEDs for reading low-contrast and Direct Part Mark (DPM) barcodes. This versatile barcode reader can be used to solve long-range, high-speed, and other challenging applications.


ABR Series barcode readers can be configured using the on-board Smart Teach interface or Banner’s Barcode Manager software. This free software provides a flowchart programming environment and a wide range of configuration options, including a one-step process for automatic setup and an advanced option that provides full access to change and configure device settings.


The ABR Series can be used to track and trace products, parts, and components through production and the supply chain for quality assurance, high-speed process control, work-in-progress monitoring, automated line changeover, sortation, shipping, and similar applications. They can be found in the automotive, electronics, packaging, material handling, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as many others.


For more information about ABR Series Barcode Readers, visit:

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