Hilscher PC cards for CC-Link IE Field – Your Ticket to Asia

In an ever increasing plethora of CC-Link IE Certified products, the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA), along with Hilscher announces the release of the Hilscher PCI Express card as well as a Low Profile PCI Express card for CC-Link IE Field.

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With the introduction of this product, Hilscher is expanding the range of its cifX PC card family of products.

CC-Link is the leading fieldbus in the Asian region. Thus, CC-Link and CC-Link IE is the best way to develop the whole market potential. Especially for manufactures of automation devices, who want to expand their business to Asia.

To provide such companies the best possible support, Hilscher offers their cifX PC card family of products, now supporting CC-Link IE Field. Automation companies will be offered a PCI Express card as well as a Low Profile PCI Express card. The CC-Link IE Field cards are Intelligent Device Stations in the network and offer a fixed baud rate of 1Gbit/s. Acyclic communication can be realized via SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol).

The cifX PC cards are a unified standard supporting all Real-Time Ethernet and Fieldbus systems, like CC-Link, CC-Link IE Field and CC-Link IE Field Basic. The protocol stack will be executed on the PC card and exchange of process data with the host is done via Dual-Port-Memory or DMA (Direct Memory Access).

Thanks to the common Hilscher Platform Strategy, all PC cards use the same driver and tools - independent of protocol and card format. Always included in the scope of delivery is a complete software package, consisting of configuration tool, device drivers, examples and documentation.

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