March 1, 2019
Banner Engineering, a leading provider of technology for industrial automation, today announced the release of the PTL110 Series of scalable, versatile pick-to-light devices to improve speed, productivity, and quality in picking, kitting, and related applications.

PTL110 Series pick-to-light devices feature optical sensor and touch button capabilities that can be used individually or together to confirm standard pick actions plus secondary functions. The optional alphanumeric display can be used to indicate part count or provide other instructions. In addition, the LED indicator features 14 colors and various animation options to clearly differentiate multiple conditions.

PTL110 pick-to-light devices feature fast response times thanks to PICK-IQ™ technology, a purpose-built, Modbus-compatible serial bus protocol that uses a Common ID to reduce latency from polling multiple devices. The fast response speed at scale makes these devices ideal for use on production lines and fulfillment stations that require many pick points while maintaining a rapid pace.

Each PTL110 device features two M12 connectors for quick and secure installation of multiple devices with no additional cables required. The devices can be fastened to tubes, extrusion, and rail with a variety of brackets or standard cable ties. Devices can be quickly moved and replaced with no tools, rewiring, or reprogramming required.

PTL110 Series pick-to-light devices solve a wide variety of applications including pick-to-light assembly, order fulfillment, put-to-light stocking and replenishment, kitting, and sequencing. In addition, PTL110 devices can be paired with a wireless controller for mobile and IIoT applications.

For more information about the PTL110 Series pick-to-light devices, please visit:

PTL110 video:

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