CC-Link IE is Mitsubishi Electric’s network of choice for Industry 4.0

March 1, 2019
At recent events, Mitsubishi Electric highlighted why gigabit CC-Link IE is a future proof technology for open networking in industrial automation. The company backed this up by showing an extensive range of products with CC-Link IE connectivity.

Mitsubishi Electric, a leading worldwide manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment, stressed the importance of CC-Link IE for its industrial automation division.

The Ethernet-based CC-Link IE open network provides Mitsubishi Electric with an optimal solution for its range of PLCs, HMIs, robots, inverters, servo motion systems, and other automation devices. A major advantage of CC-Link IE is the unique gigabit capabilities offered, said Timothy Lomax, Sr. Manager for Strategic Alliance at Mitsubishi Electric Automation.

He continued: “e -F@ctory is Mitsubishi Electric’s concept for Industry 4.0 and CC-Link IE is a key element of this strategy, as it provides high-speed, high-performance open connectivity.” Mitsubishi Electric’s adoption of CC-Link IE technology attests to the digital transformation process permeating industries across different sectors.

Alberto Griffini, Product Manager at Mitsubishi Electric added; In order for industries to implement smart factories, high bandwidth real-time communications among devices and machines are a must, therefore advanced networking technologies featuring sufficient bandwidth are key. “High-performance networks are very important to address Industry 4.0 and their data capacity requirements. Sharing big amounts of data from field devices enables operators to perform various services, including monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance activities. This also helps customers to improve the overall plant productivity.”

Thanks to all these features, CC-Link IE has been showing double digit growth for the past several years and now has over 24 million devices installed globally.

Alberto explained that by choosing CC-Link IE, companies like Mitsubishi Electric also benefit from being members of the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA): “One of the biggest advantages of working with an established organization like the CLPA, is the possibility to take advantage of the global promotional opportunities it offers. In addition, the CLPA provides guidance and support for product development, including device conformance tests to ensure interoperability among devices developed for CC-Link IE networks.”

Currently, there are over 1,800 compliant products from more than 300 manufacturers. This attests to the appeal and the broad acceptance of the CC-Link IE technology worldwide, making it a key standard for many industries.

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