Kollmorgen Presents Next-Generation Hygienic Machine Design and Motion Technology for Food & Beverage Processors at ProFood Tech 2019

March 6, 2019
Kollmorgen will feature its latest processing innovations and technologies for the food and beverage industries at ProFood Tech, March 26-28, at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

Show attendees are invited to visitbooth 762to learn about Kollmorgen next-generation technology including:

AKMHTMHygienic Servo Motor:Built with FDA approved food grade materials and designed to meet standards for IP69K, EHEDG and 3A, theAKMHmotor help food processors reduce food recall risk, improve durability in washdown applications and decrease cleaning time. The motor can withstand 1450 psi spray and chemicals with pH 2 through 12. The special vented cable connector equalizes pressure from inside the motor to the outer housing to prevent water ingress. With 316L stainless steel outer surface and 32-micron finish, it also eliminates harborage points such as metal to metal seams and ensures a hygienic design.

AKM®2G Servo Motor:Kollmorgen’s next-generation, high-performance synchronous servo motor. With increased power density and improved torque/speed ratio, OEMs can get up to 30% more performance out of equivalent size motor or achieve the same performance with a smaller motor. With six frame sizes with up to five stack lengths and performance rates 0.3 and 10kW, and selectable options such as feedback, mounting, and performance capabilities, theAKM2Gcan easily be dropped into existing designs.

AKM®Synchronous Servo Motor:Industry-leading power density, combined with more than 500,000 standard products, practically unlimited co-engineered modifications, and plug-and-play motor recognition make theAKMan easy choice for a wide variety of design requirements.

AKM®Washdown and Food Grade Servo Motor:This motor incorporates Kollmorgen’s AKMelectromagnetics within a housing protected by an FDA-approved 2-K coating and IP67-rated seal configuration for applications with strict hygiene regulations. No additional cover or special protection is required for the motor casing. Stainless steel hardware is used on all precision interfaces (motor shaft, screws and connectors).Available in a wide range of standard lengths, windings, feedback systems,and connection technologies.

Kollmorgen Automation SuiteTM(KAS): This comprehensive machine automation solution enables machine designers to quickly and easily develop applications and systems through pre-integrated controls, drives, and HMIs.KASincludes a complete graphical toolkit for PLC programming with support for all IEC 61131-3 programming languages.

Visitors are also invited to pick up a copy of Kollmorgen’s informative white paperScientifically Hygienic: Improving Machine Design Through Improved Component Design.

Kollmorgen experts will be available throughout the show at booth 762 to answer questions and discuss applications.Advance meetings can be scheduled by visiting Kollmorgen.com/profoodtech or clickinghere.

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