Automation24 now selling a variety of terminal blocks

March 15, 2019
New product category on / Online shop offering Weidmüller Klippon® Connect terminal blocks

Starting immediately, automation professionals can obtain terminal blocks from The online shop offers Universal Range Terminal Blocks from Weidmüller with PUSH IN technology or with screw terminals. These modular terminal blocks have a streamlined design, high mounting density, copper power rails, and large marking surfaces to support efficient installation and maintenance.

All in one place

“We hold ourselves to the standard of offering our customers as much as possible all in one place,” says Will Kleemeier, VP General Manager of Automation24. “After adding Siemens LOGO! logic modules to our product range this past year, we also decided to offer the accompanying terminal blocks to integrate it into your system with ease. Moving forward, we will continue to expand this product category in conjunction with the expansion of our complete product range.”

The name Weidmüller stands for innovation and high-quality products that reduce connection times for both solid and ferruled wires in addition to their professional grade tools – also available at Automation24. “Weidmüller’s North American headquarters, located in Richmond, Virginia, has been serving the United States market for 45 years with industrial automation components and tools that always provide the best connections possible,” explains Kleemeier.

Terminal blocks for all applications

The terminal blocks offered at cover all connection requirements in an electrical enclosure such as PE, Fuse, Feed-through, Multi-tier, Test disconnect, and Neutral conductor disconnect terminal blocks. Newly added, Weidmüller’s Klippon® Connect Universal Range terminal blocks include the A-series PUSH IN spring connection type and the W-series clamping yoke screw connection type. Terminals are offered from 6.3 amps to 269 amps and up to 250 MCM wire. In addition to being robust and reliable, they are designed to be clearly arranged and easy to use.

Available now: easy-to-use marking system

For a limited time, Automation24 is offering Weidmüller Thermal MultiMark Printers for only $1.00 with a qualifying purchase of marking consumables/accessories. The THM thermal transfer printer offers a compact solution for a variety of print jobs and provides a simple solution for manufacturer-independent terminal marking. Claim your low-maintenance thermal printer through 6/30/19 at

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