Weidmuller Safety Relays and Terminal Blocks Selected for Emerson’s DeltaV Alliance Product Program

March 29, 2019
Weidmuller is pleased to announce that four relays from their SCS Safety Relay Series product portfolio and their W-Series modular terminal block range have been selected by Emerson for inclusion in the DeltaV™ Alliance Product Program.

Weidmuller’s SCS Series safety relays are designed for use with DeltaV™ distributed control and safety instrumented systems. These safety relays provide reliable connectivity required for operating safety loops in high-risk installations including burner management systems, bulk liquid storage tank overfill protection, and plant shutdown systems.

The DeltaV™ alliance program provides Emerson customers with complementary products from best-in-class companies, pre-selected to ensure interoperability, stability, and cost and risk reduction. “We are proud to bring Weidmuller into our DeltaV™ alliance program portfolio and for these innovative technologies to help even more facilities operate safely,” said Rahul Gadkari, Emerson, Director, DeltaV™ Alliance Product Program.

Weidmuller and Emerson have been working closely together for many years. “Inclusion in the DeltaV™ program reaffirms our long-standing relationship and forms a solid foundation for continued collaboration,” adds Kevin Wolter, Weidmuller’s Head of Global Key Account Management responsible for Emerson.

Prior to selection for the Alliance Product Program, Emerson conducts integration testing to ensure that the products are compatible with DeltaV™ control and safety systems and offer customers cost-effective and highly reliable long-term solutions.

The SCS Series safety relays include four different versions that are used for functional safety related shutdown in process automation systems. They are cULus listed and certified IEC 61508 for SIL3 (TÜV).

Weidmuller’s W-Series modular terminal block range has proven its worth countless times over the years in its automation solutions for the process industry due to its strong reputation of reliability.

Weidmuller’s focus is to collaborate with customers and alliances around the world with products, solutions and services in the industrial environment of power, signal and data. The company develops innovative, sustainable and useful solutions that set standards in industrial connectivity today and continually work toward providing solutions for the technology challenges of tomorrow. The Weidmuller Group owns manufacturing plants, sales companies and representatives in more than 80 countries.

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