Pepperl+Fuchs Introduces the ENI58PL Configurable Incremental Rotary Encoder— One Encoder, Many Applications

IO-Link makes configuration of the new ENI58PL rotary encoder easy and flexible.

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The newly released ENI58PL series incremental rotary encoder from Pepperl+Fuchs offers incredible efficiency for a wide range of applications. IO-Link enablescustom configuration, making it possible to commission machinery and equipment even faster. ENI58PL boasts flexible configuration options and a wide range of use cases-from classic industrial applications, such asprecise positioningin theautomotive industryand applications inwind power plants, tospecial engineering.

Standardized Interface for Custom Configuration

IO-Link makes configuration of the new ENI58PL rotary encoder easy and flexible. Users can adjust the device according to their application and reconfigure it if there are changes to production and process flows. This flexibility enablesstandardized machine designandreduces storage and spare part requirementsto a minimum.

This standardization saves time and reduces stocking costs. A variety of shaft, flange, and output options make the ENI58PL a comprehensive solution. The incremental rotary encoder can beconfigured via Pepperl+Fuchs SmartBridge® and app, IO-Link master, or offline via PACTware.The standardized interface requires no manufacturer-specific software.Existing hardware and software can be usedto define the following parameters:

  • Voltage output level for short and long cable lengths with high or low frequencies each (HTL or TTL)
  • Counting direction that can be adapted to the application
  • Pulse count per rotation that can reach from 1 to 16,384 pulses per rotation according tothe desired resolution

Precision in Demanding Conditions

The new ENI58PL series incremental rotary encoder reliably delivershigh-precision resultswith a resolution ofup to 16,384 pulses per rotation. Itsnoncontact, wear-free magnetic technologyyields a long operating life with virtually maintenance-free operation. Additionally, the ENI58PL features anextended temperaturerange of -40°C to +85 °C,IP65/67 protection, and resistance against shock and vibration.

Highlights of the Incremental Rotary Encoder ENI58PL include:

  • Standardized IO-Link interface for easy, flexible configuration
  • Reduced varieties—one device can be used for several applications
  • Configuration can be done via Pepperl+Fuchs SmartBridge and app, IO-Link master or PACTware
  • Reliable signal transmission even in demanding conditions
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