Enerpac introduces new HydraMax® Tensioners and expands its GT Series Tensioners for expansive bolt size coverage.

May 3, 2019
Enerpac, a global market leader in heavy lifting technology and high-pressure hydraulics, announces the HM-Series HydraMax® and updated GT-Series Hydraulic Topside Tensioners for bolt tightening. Both product series are engineered to achieve accurate bolt-load in single or multiple tensioner configurations, delivering the most reliable bolt tensioning with extreme performance on critical joints.

HM-Series HydraMax®Tensioners
The HM-Series HydraMax®tensioners are designed to generate high-bolt loads associated with compact flanges, overcoming dimensional restraints with 15 load cells for bolts from ¾-in. to 4-in. and M20 to M100 – covering all standard sizes with multiple load cell options. The HM-Series is designed to fit all standard flanges, including ANSI, API and compact flanges based on Norsok L005, and generates 30% more load capacity than traditional tensioners.

With its compact fit and high load generation, alongside the flexibility to work with all standard flanges, the new HydraMax®tool can be used in almost every industry and in a vast number of different applications.HydraMax®HM-Series features include:

  • Quick release bridge offering faster turnaround for different applications
  • Long-stroke capability of 15mm (9/16-in.) reducing actuations and over-stroke conditions
  • Twin ports for quick connection of multiple tools
  • Mechanical over-stroke prevention or over-stroke relief valve with spring return for faster retraction and reduced cycle times
  • Piston stroke indicator for operator awareness
  • Anti-slip grip for more secure handling
  • Captive socket to eliminate falling object risk

GT-Series Bolt Tensioner Update
In addition to launching the new HydraMax®Bolt Tensioners, Enerpac is also updating its GT-Series Topside Bolt Tensioners. The GT range offers a new captive socket system that prevents the socket from falling or being separated from the tool. A new GT7 (M100-M105) tensioner has been added, expanding the series to seven GT load cells and bridges to accommodate bolts from ⅝-in. to 4-in. and M16 to M105. Additional GT-Series features include:

  • 7 load cell & bridges requiring less investment to cover all standard bolt sizes
  • Detachable and rotational bridge to simplify tool positioning
  • Full bridge window offering increased access to socket
  • Piston stroke indicator for operator awareness to prevent tool over-stroke
  • Anti-slip grip for more secure handling
  • Twin ports for linking multiple tools to provide even tensioning

“Field-proven HydraMax®tensioner technology builds upon our expanded GT-Series bolt tensioners toprovide the industry’s most versatile offering of hydraulic topside tensioners, covering a wide range of bolt sizes with fewer load cells, and reducing the tool inventory needs of our customers” said Mark van Baal, Bolting Product Line Director.Visitwww.Enerpac.comto learn more about the new HM-Series HydraMax®and GT-Series Tensioners or find your local Enerpac distributor.

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