New, High-Performance Material for the Environmentally Responsible Released by Star Plastics

ReStart Gives Product Manufacturers a Sustainable Material Solution that Doesn’t Sacrifice Performance

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Star Plastics, Inc., a trusted compounder of engineering grade thermoplastics, introduces ReStart a UL-recognized, high-performance material product line that contains 35 to 50 percent recycled content for customers with sustainability initiatives.

With heightened environmental awareness and a push towards corporate responsibility in the world today, brand owners, OEMs and plastic processors are turning to their suppliers for support. As a custom compounder and material supplier, we felt it was our job to find a solution that not only gives recycled materials a new chance at life but also provides brand owners with sustainable options that don’t sacrifice performance,said Director of Sales Chuck Hoop.

The ReStart product line is an opportunity for companies to reduce waste, meet sustainability objectives and deliver a quality part. ReStart is the fourth material line to join Star Plastics’ product offering, which includes StarPrime, ValuPak and EcoPlas. ReStart can be used in electronics, lawn and garden, household appliances and any other application that typically requires PC, PC FR, ABS or PCABS materials. The recycled content of the UL- recognized material ranges from 35 to 50 percent, but still follows the stringent controlled ranges and behaviors expected of prime materials. True to Star Plastics’ core business of custom color compounding, the new ReStart materials are customizable to all colors.

With an origin of processing recycled materials, Star Plastics has first-hand knowledge of formulating with recycled- content feedstock. We are skilled in qualifying various recycled material feed-streams,” said Technical Lead James Holland, who was instrumental in developing the ReStart Line. The star team understands the physical and performance characteristics, and have the ability to find their value as feedstock.

Material quality is the cornerstone of Star Plastics. With a full-service laboratory in house, all material goes through a thorough testing, developmental and certification process that allows Star to proudly stand behind its products. “Some say Star Plastics does too much testing,” states Doug Ritchie, president and CEO. We believe it is the foundation for our past success and indicative of our future growth.

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