The new XC Limit Switches from Telemecanique Sensors make plugging quality and reliability into your mobile equipment “Simply easy!”

May 17, 2019
The latest line of Limit Switches from Telemecanique Sensors makes it easy to incorporate their global- leading limit switch technology into mobile equipment applications. The size, the connectors, the robustness, and the certifications all combine to make the XC line of limit switches the ideal choice for mobile equipment manufacturers. Here are the details:

Compatible connectors: The new XC line of Limit Switches from Telemecanique Sensors are designed to be compatible with most mobile equipment machines, made available with Deutsch, M12, Cable, or AMP connectors integrated into the switch. It couldn’t be any easier. Take it out of the box. Plug it in.

Compact: With most mobile equipment machine designs, space is at an absolute premium. The new XC line of Limit Switches from Telemecanique Sensors is designed to take up the least amount of space possible. The XC line of limit switches has the most compact body design on the market that includes integrated connectors. If you only have minimal space for a limit switch, Telemecanique Sensors has your solution!

Robust: The new, metal-bodied XC line of Limit Switches from Telemecanique Sensors is designed for the shock, vibration, and harsh environments that are associated with mobile equipment machinery. The XC line of Limit Switches can withstand extreme temperatures (from -40° C/F to 70° C / 158° F), water immersion, and high pressure cleaning. They come with a degree of protection rating of up to IP69K.

Certified: The new line of XC Limit Switches from Telemecanique Sensors come with the following certifications: EN60947-5-2, UL & CSA, and CCC.

In short, a new XC Limit Switch from Telemecanique Sensors is the smallest Limit Switch for mobile equipment on the market. It plugs right into your mobile equipment. It is durable enough to endure the places your mobile equipment travels. It is certified. And they feature the most trustworthy sign a Limit Switch can bear: the Telemecanique Sensors logo.

Who should you trust for your mobile equipment Limit Switch solutions?

Simply easy!

Telemecanique Sensors

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