IO-Link Smart Configurator

May 20, 2019
CARLO GAVAZZI is excited to announce the launch of a game-changing new product, the SCTL55 Series IO-Link Smart Configurator.

It provides a means to configure any IO-Link sensor with a wireless device that, in essence, replaces the need to program via a USB IO-Link Master connected to a PC or via a network connected master device. The only thing required is the IO-Link Smart Configurator.

This device is portable and could be used anywhere such as on the plant floor or in the office. The device is battery powered and equipped with WiFi for IODD files download. Hence there’s no need for power or a laptop. It is truly a user friendly, wireless solution.

If you’re not familiar with IO-Link and what it is, the IO-Link organizers have produced a very nice video and brochure, which you can find here: IO-Link Videoand IO-Link Brochure

Benefits of the IO-Link Smart Configurator include:

  • Embrace Industry 4.0 technology via an IO-Link solution
  • Smart solution for small to large scale applications; anywhere and anytime
  • Easy to configure the sensors
  • Convenient monitoring sensors status and diagnostic
  • User friendly to use graphical user interface APP
  • Intuitive to navigate via high resolution touch screen display
  • Total mobility with handheld
  • Full connectivity w/WiFi for IODD files download
  • Open doors to many other more applications

Advantages of the IO-Link Smart Configurator include:

  • Only device like this on the market
  • Full mobility, battery operated with no wires attached
  • Dedicated display for full convenience
  • Friendly graphical user interface app
  • Built in memory and expandable memory

Features of the IO-Link Smart Configurator include:

  • M12 and M8 connectors
  • Suitable for 3 wire, 4 wire or 5 wire sensors
  • 5.5” HD touch screen display 720 x 1280 pixels
  • 16GB internal memory
  • MicroSD card expandable memory
  • WiFi enabled
  • Battery powered
  • LED battery indicators
  • Lanyard and belt clip for portability
  • Carlo Gavazzi Launcher Homepage
  • “Configure” app
  • Carlo Gavazzi App (downloadable for free)

The SCTL55 Series IO-Link Smart Configurator is available from Carlo Gavazzi’s network of sales offices and distributors in the Americas, or

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